Your Journey Of 100 Things To Do Before You Die


While surfing the internet I ran accross this article I wrote a year and a half ago.  It is even more relevant today because our time is ebbing away. Read on…


  There have been many books and articles written about 100 things to do before you die.  Here is another article just in case you have not heard about it.  I think it is important because if we do not make a deliberate intent to do something in life it usually does not get done.


I know you have dreams of doing marvelous things in your life but to this point it may not have happened for you.


Have you ever thought about making a list of things you want to do, be, see, share, have and travel to before you leave this earth.  Give it some serious thought.


Why is this important? You get caught up in the drama of your daily life and go from one day to the next without giving much regard to time. You say time pass fast, it pass the way it always has.  When we were children time seemed to move slowly.  As we age it seem to speed up. You have a finite amount of time on this earth therefore; it is best if you go about the business of doing what is important to you.


You heart knows what it desires so why not write it down and get started.  When you write it down you are actively involved in making it occur for you.  It is very exciting.


This list need not be 100 things initially.  You should have an ongoing and growing list.   Your list is a living and changing thing.  Just start.

Some ideas are:

      · Take a train trip on The Orient Express


      · Write a check to your favorite charity for $5,000.00 or $50,000.00


      · Travel to Africa and go on a photographic safari


      · Buy a $500.00 pair of shoes


      · Make a speech in public


      · Write a book


      · Fly on an airplane or pilot one


      · Have your home paid in full


      · Learn a foreign language


      · Save a life


      · Cruise the great rivers of Europe


      · Start an online business


      · Tell your family/friends how much you love them


      · Teach someone to read
       Climb a mountain

You get the idea.


Be sure to check off your accomplishments and place them with a picture of the event in your success book.  This will build your self-esteem and encourage you to keep moving forward especially when life events make a negative turn.


As you check items off your list you will feel as if you are living the successful life you want and not being lead by circumstances.  How cool is that for you. This is your personal list to your living a fulfilled and happy life.


Have fun!

Honor yourself!

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