The End Result To My 10 day Master Cleanse!

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This is my fifth Master Cleanse and I finished two weeks ago.  Once again I kept really good records.  I lost 11 pounds.   If you have a weight problem you will loose much more.  If I lost more weight than 11 lbs,  I would begin to loose muscle and this never happens.  My weight is good yet, I do the Master Cleanse for my health.


If you have a need to loose weight this is a great way to jump start a weight loss/management program and get you health back on track.


What is the Master Cleanse? The Master Cleanse is a way to cleanse the body of and remove the cravings associated with drugs, coffee, teas, and cigarettes. Some get off prescription drugs as well.  The cleanse involves drinking only a concoction made from fresh lemons, grade B maple syrup and cayenne pepper, as well as a laxative tea. No solid food is eaten for the entire cleanse. According to proponents it is recommended to be on the cleanse for a minimum of ten days, but some people stay on the cleanse for longer periods of time.


I love the taste of the tea and sip it hot.


I did have a few healing crisis, one from my addiction to caffeine.  The other from using a skin patch to manage another issue I have. (I stopped using the patch during the cleanse).


Some questions you may ask:

–         Did I get hungry?  Yes, and when I did I sipped my lemonade tea. It takes the hunger away. I took it with me most places in a thermos if I was away from home for any any length of time.

–         Did I cook while on the cleanse?  Yes I did prepare meals for my husband but they were light and not involved recipes.

–         Did I exercise during the cleanse?  No, I choose not to however, I was as busy as before.  I lived my life as before.  No solid food.  Nothing.

–         Did I think about food?  Yes, but I kept the reason for the cleanse in the front of my conscious.  It passes like everything else.

–         Did I go back to caffeine?  Yes, why?  I am human.


–         Am I getting my nutrients?  I feel so.  Check the vitamins and minerals in lemons, cayenne pepper and grade B maple syrup.  It is all there.  In fact more that most folks get who do not supplement.


–         How difficult was it the first time?  Very, but I kept going one day at a time and it gets easier as the days pass.  After day 3 you can go for thirty days.  I went for 15 days early on.


To further cleanse my colon I choose to use the salt water flush vs the laxative tea.  No worries it runs through you in about an hour.


After the cleanse I feel wonderful.  I feel light and healthy.   I take a probiotics after my Master Cleanse because the colon is clean.  I feel that it takes the good bacteria as well.  I like to get those back as soon as possible.  This is my belief only.


If you decide to try the cleanse do some research and buy the book  “ The Master Cleanser by Stanley Burroughs.” Click the link to buy it.


Try it for yourself.  It works.  There are to many success stories for this to be a fad or an untruth.

Go easy on yourself and take it one day at a time.   If you have any questions about my experiences with the cleanse, send me an email.

Honor Yourself!

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6 Replies to “The End Result To My 10 day Master Cleanse!”

  1. I was just thinking how many calories were in the master cleanse drink, i have tried to find it everywhere and can’t, i even went out and ordered a book regarding it. I obsessively count calories and when i am unable to i don’t eat it so i would really like to know, simply to relieve my mind.

  2. Babette, there is no reason to worry about calories with the cleanse. You need them.
    Let’s not forget the goal of the cleanse is to detoxify the body and rid it of disease.

    It does help boost the weight loss process but it not the means to an end. If you want
    to continue the weight loss process you will have to seek other means like counting carbs and
    exercise. Eat lots of good carbs. Consider getting off the calorie counting
    roller coaster. All the best to you.

  3. Nice blog here! Also your website loads up fast! What host are you using? I wish my website loaded up as fast as yours lol

  4. I am on my 6th day of the cleanse. I woke up one morning December of 2010, and decided that I was through with cigarettes. I have been smoke free since. Last month, I hopped onto the p90x workout trend and found difficulty catching my breath. Six days ago I woke up and decided to get on the master cleanse. I count my calories daily (; 172 calories per 8 oz. : 1/2 a lemon, 2 tspn grade b organic 2-3pinches cayenne, distilled water. Of course I took a pause from the p90x (to much to handle); however, I move a lot while at work (chef) , I go for a light bike ride after work, and some 10 minute elliptical training. Its tough and I recommend that if you do work out “listen to what your body is telling you”. Anyways, I feel great! My skin looks gorgeous, I breathe better, I’ve lost 8 lbs, but most important: my health is back. Its tough! I love food. Food is my life. It takes a lot of commitment and will power. First 3 days= MONSTER. Everyday is a challenge. But once you pass your hump of doubt… your good to go. Hope this helps.

  5. Thank you MAC for your brilliant comment. You are right on. We do have to reach a point of being fed up with ourselves to make changes. Congratulations for taking action.

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