Success and Fulfill, Are They The Same

Success and Fulfill, Are They The Same
success without fulfillmentYou may ask, what kind of a question is this?  Success and fulfill, are they the same. Some of you may say and think yes, absolutely and some of you may say not for me, I answer no.


This is the definition of success:  the accomplishment of an aim or purpose.

These are some ways success is used in sentences:

  • Success came to him easily.
  • She is a successful stockbroker.
  • The train rail system is one of our city’s great successes.

Sometimes a story is better than an explanation.

You are now a successful stockbroker and you started in this profession directly out of college.  You learned about it at a college job fair and was recruited.  You are doing extremely well.  The money is fantastic; it provides a dream lifestyle for you and your family.  The accolades and awards are numerous.  Your thoughts are beginning to disturb you because you think if this is so good why do I feel so empty?  What a Question, The answer is because you are not fulfilled.

You really want to dedicate your life to helping  the beautiful and endangered Hippopotamus.  This has been a secret desire for many years.  How do you change fields, what will your family and friends think, how can you support yourself doing what really fulfills your soul. These are valid questions.  This is simple because your soul knows what it needs to be fulfilled.   Can you have success and fulfillment?

“It is hard to fail, but it is worse never to have tried to succeed.” -Theodore Roosevelt
This is the definition of fulfill:   to put into effect, execute  to convert to reality. Both definitions are vaguely similar.

These are some ways fulfill is used in sentences:

  •  He fulfilled his pledge to cut taxes.
  •  She successfully fulfilled her life’s dream when she started her own business.
  • He’s trying to fulfill himself as a voice for the helpless hippopotamus.

“When a dream is fulfilled, it is always a glorious feeling.”
– Lailah Gifty Akita

This stockbroker begins to ponder the following  questions.  Do I have to return to school and get another degree in special animal studies, how can I support myself and my family, where do I start?  Investigate and take action.  Action steps!

  • I live in a town with a big and lively Zoo.  A baby hippopotamus named Glatimus was recently born.   Can I volunteer my time a few hours a week?
  •  As I volunteer and as I get these good and clear soulful and joyful feelings I will carry them with me until my next volunteer date.
  • I will read and learn all I can about Hippopotamus and their lives. I will start a blog and build a list of readers.
  • I will associate and develop new friends who have similar interest and involve my present friends with my new project as well.
  • I will develop a fund raising project to help this species.
  •  I will start an online store marketing hippopotamus products to support myself and my family.
  • I will start today because, I want to FEEL good about how I spend my life every day.
  • Most important meditate about it.

Are you doing your life’s work? Are you living your fulfilled life? Can you make a decision to go for living your life’s calling?  You recognize you can be successful in your chosen work and you can be fulfilled and feel elation in your soul too.

“When you do things from your soul, you feel a river moving in you, a joy.” – Rumi

It does not get any better than that!

Your thoughts?


Honor Yourself!

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