Secrets Will Destroy Your Peace And Well-being

Secrets Will Destroy Your Peace And Well-being


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You know this how?  If you are harboring a secret your mind goes back to it over and over again.  You may wonder what will happen to me if someone finds out. How will this affect my family, my marriage, my job, my relationships and my future?  Secrets will destroy your well-being and it could be something that occurred when you were an adolescent or a mistake you made as an adult.

It is the fear of your secret being discovered that will destroy your emotional well-being and this can lead to so many other problems used to cover up your feeling of shame and regret.

“Man is not what he thinks he is, he is what he hides.”
André Malraux

Why are you afraid and trapped by your secret?

Because you know some will look at it favorable with understanding and some will consider you an outcastSometimes there are further repercussions to your secret, like job loss or maybe jail time.  What is the worst that can happen to you and are you willing to risk that for your emotional well-being?  Know this for a fact; people are generally forgiving and understanding and want us to have a second chance and if they do not you will have to consider releasing them.  Oh, I know it is not easy, and it is freeing.

Why telling your best friend your secret is not the ideal solution

“Sometimes, the biggest secrets you can only tell a stranger.”
Michelle Hodkin, The Evolution of Mara Dyer

Your best friend may have been involved in this secret and if not, are they equipped to handle the information and when they have it what will they do with it.  Will they share it and when it is shared will the story change for the better or the worse?  Usually worse.  Be very careful.

What can happen to me if I keep this secret?

You could drink and drug to forget, you may have to lie and try to remember your lie,  you could withdraw into yourself and away from other people and your life.  You could build a wall around yourself and become aloof.  You could live every day in fear of someone finding out and they will!  Imagine this.  There are many times when your secret is already known!

Who can I safely talk to about my secret?

Well this is an interesting and important question.  The first thing you must do is prepare yourself to actually talk about your secret to someone you really trust in a comfortable environment.  Speak with someone who will give you honest and sound advice.  This could be your attorney, your minister, your psychiatrist, your psychologist, your mother or father.  Follow their guidance and leadership.  It could be necessary to have more visits to discuss the situation further.

Once your secret is no longer you will step out of the shadow of darkness into the light.   You will understand there is nothing new under the sun.  If there are repercussions you may have to walk through them and learn all the lessons from this secret so you will never ever repeat it.

Encourage friends to tell their secrets to professionals so you do not have to carry their burdens as well.

Consider unloading your secrets to an appropriate person and get emotionally healthy.  It is very freeing to know that someone on this planet knows what you think is the worst about you.

Let me know how you feel about secrets and how they have changed your life.  Do not forget to subscribe for more interesting articles.

Honor yourself!


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