Reconnecting with friends

Yesterday I had the great pleasure of visiting (3) friends, one I had not seen for (12) years.

Over the years (2) of us have kept in close contact.   Three of us live in different cities in Texas and the other was from another state.

We settled on Waco, Texas as a meeting place because it is a good half way point for us.  I live in the Dallas area and others live in or visiting  Austin, TX.

We had lunch at “Buzzard Billy’s” on the Brazos river.  If you have read Larry McMurtry you feel as if you have an intimate relation with the Brazos.  Buzzard Billy’s is a  restaurant with wonderful cajun food, some of it is unique,  like alligator fingers, yes real alligator and no I  was not brave enough to try it.

We caught up with each other’s life.  It was wonderful reconnecting.  All of us have had tradegy in our lives, however we have good fortune and wonderful experiences grace us as well.  We had such a good time together. We love the support we found.  We vowed to keep in close contact.    If you have not visited your friends lately plan now to get together.  It is so rewarding and so much fun.

Honor yourself.


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