Quick Stress Relief From Deep Breathing

Quick Stress Relief From Deep Breathing

Yes, breath is life, believe it!


When we are under stress we breathe shallow and fast or we hold our breath momentarily.


Has anyone ever told you to take a deep breath. This is what happens when you take a deep breath and why it works.


The blood from your body travels into one side of your heart and out into the small blood vessels in your lungs where carbon dioxide (a waste product of your cells) is released and you breathe this waste out.


You breathe in life giving 21% oxygen from the air surrounding you; oxygen is picked up by the red blood cells within the small blood vessels in your lungs and transported back to another side of your heart to be pumped out to the bodies cell. This is a simple explanation of a very complex mechanism. What a wonderful body we have?


When you breathe out you are releasing a waste product called carbon dioxide. When you breathe in you are enriching your body with life giving and life supporting oxygen.

Without the oxygen, the cell dies. Remember basic life support.


No oxygen to the brain for 3-5 minutes the brain cells die. Yes, brain dead.


Thinking logically about this, when you do not breath deeply for extended periods there is a build up of waste Carbon dioxide in the blood stream and a lowering of saturated life giving oxygen.


Stressed people take rapid shallow breathes. If you are healthy this can be easily corrected by taking a deep breath consciously. (If you have lung problems you tend to panic when short of breath, this causes stress. Taking a class on proper breathing techniques can be very beneficial for you.)


Some benefits of deep breathing:

Better sleep
More energy
Relieve back and neck pain from tension
Relieve headaches
Correct bad and racing thoughts
Relax all muscles if you concentrate on them as you deep breath.
Live longer
Give a feeling of well being
Reduce worry


Do this to de-stress quickly.

One great technique when you feel stressed is to go to your favorite place in your mind that is your safe harbor. If you do not have such a place create a place now. When under stress go there and slowly breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth with your lips puckered. This is called “purse lip breathing” and is very effective for relaxation.


Take deep breaths and break your tension.


Fast and shallow breathing has also been linked to increased blood pressure. There are programs available that teach proper breathing techniques to rid one of hypertension.

Honor yourself!

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  1. Michael Brook says:

    Deep breathing is definitely something we all need to do more of, especially in today’s times with all of the stresses we put on ourselves! This can be so easily done — even when driving a car in traffic, sitting at our desk, while walking, etc., so no excuses not to do it! Great article and a very interesting read! Thank you, Harriette, for such a great reminder to help take care of ourselves.

  2. Landa says:

    Harriette — Excellent article. Well written and makes the point, clearly and precisely, of how important the simple but significant act of breathing is. I’m going to share this article with my qi gong (breath work) and tai chi students. You always offer valuable information and insight for all areas of our lives. Thank you so much. You are a true humanitarian.

  3. Harriette says:

    Landa, you honor me with your kind comments. I appreciate your comments so much and I am excited that you feel the need to share my article.

    Thank you.

  4. Harriette says:

    Thank you so much.

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