This Is How To Set Your Goals

The question comes to mind why should I have goals? We have been told all one has to do to have a dream come true is to have a desire and work hard. You know this is not true! Why do you know? You have done it and it doesn’t work. This is how to set a goal.

You may dream of traveling abroad but if you don’t set specific goals to get there you will never go.

Once you recognize what you desire you must get clear and focused. The best way to get clarity is to put your thoughts down with pen and paper or with your computer.

You have a goal to travel internationally. You would like to take a trip to a foreign country. You have chosen Italy. One decision made and on paper.

What Are Goals And How Do I Make Them Work For Me?

Part (1) of a four part series.

One of my mentors said less than 5% of the population has goals. I initially found this hard to believe but quickly realized that this is the reason people don’t accomplish their heart desires.

As a baby boomer one of my goals was to find an online home based business. I was very successful in finding what I was looking for and I decided to do a (4) part series on goals and their attainment. There is so much involved in productive goal setting and getting what you want from life. Over the next few days I will discuss what goals are, how to make them and how to achieve your goals when you know what you want.

Are You A Victim? 8 Ways To Drop The Victim Mentality And Succeed

It is not my fault!

At some point in our lives we all play the blame game, until we learn better. Maybe we do not know any other way. We think it works for us but it doesn’t.

It is easier to blame others for our failures and escape responsibility for our life. It is painful to admit mistakes especially costly ones. Let’s pass the blame on to someone else.

Now, do you feel better?

10 Techniques To Build Your Personal Brand On The Internet

Business branding is nearly as old as business building itself. Personal branding is relatively new and exciting.

Personal branding can be described as the process that individuals and entrepreneurs use to distinguish themselves from the crowd and stand out. They share what makes them unique, personal and professional and leverage that information across the various platforms on the internet with the goal being to deliver a consistent message.
Simply said, personal branding is boldly self-promotion.

11 Questions That Must Be Answered Before Starting A Business!

What is your intention for your business? One could say to be successful and make money of course. How do you intend to do this? How does it happen? How much time will it take?

Who will you become in the process of building your business? This is the important question and the answer.

Let’s assume you have never owned a business yet, you really have this burning desire to work for yourself. You have done your research and decided on a business to build, yes build.