Do Not Be Deceived By Appearances

 Do Not Be Deceived By Appearances


You see a person male/female who is well dressed in the latest styles, exquisitely groomed, drives a well-appointed late model vehicle, is enjoying fine dining and is well spoken.  What is your impression of this person?  Really think about that for a moment.modern car interior trim

Does this person have a successful occupation or maybe inherited wealth, does this person have a college education and does this person shop at expensive boutiques?  Is this the person you want to pattern your life after?  Really think about that for a moment.

This is the real story on this person.  The clothes he is wearing are stolen, he scams his styling techniques with promises he will never keep from a friend, he rents his vehicles as long as his cash last and he dines well from ill gained funds he has duped from others.  This person enjoys the so call good life and he in a big fake.  Appearances can be deceptive.

Think about this, you see a person in jeans that are ripped at the knee, wearing a tee, and sneakers of no name brand.  He is driving an old pick-up truck.  He is eating lunch at a natural food restaurant counter.  What is your impression of this person?  This person could be an established entrepreneur with a large bank account who does not feel the need to impress anyone.  This person could genuinely be a good human being worth putting your time into getting to know.

Another example is during the hurricane season in Louisiana a huge oak tree felled from the strong winds and rain.  This tree looked strong and could withstand the strongest elements.  Yet it did not make it.  It was rotten from the inside, yet the spindly tree next to it stands strong.

Before passing judgement on another person because of appearances, look deeper inside.  You may be humbled by what you find.

Honor yourself!

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