My Passion For Healthy And Healing Drinking Water

My Friends:  those of you who know me understand my passion for clean healthy drinking water. There are so many water choices for us now because big business has gotten into the water business.

 I knew that our body is made up of more than 70 percent water but did not give it much thought until recently.

I have come to understand that our drinking water is more precious and valuable than gold or/and oil.

I have a new education website about water and how it serves us all.  Take a few minutes and educate your self about water for you and your family.


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  1. Frances Broadrick says:

    Harriette, I agree with you on drinking clean water. Now the fact is, how do we know what is clean water? We do know that tap water has chemicals
    that are unsafe and some of us are vulnerable to still trust this water. (WRONG) Then some of us turn to bottled water. (DEADLY WRONG) Who Knows
    for a fact where bottled water comes from and I even suspect it comes from the tap. Who do you think regulates bottled water Do you know what’s in it and what you could be consuming? Plus bottled water sits in warehouses and on trucks and will never meet the market fresh.
    You may do your homework and investigation of water as I have. I drink pure clean filtered water that has been tested for any chemicals.
    Take this advice and check out water filtration and learn what you can for your family’s health. If you or your children come up with an unexplained illness, first get your water tested.
    Look What happened in Flint, Michigan. It’s likely to happen again somewhere in this country. And our manufacturing facilities sometimes get careless and poisons get into our water streams. That is only a portion of the debris in water.
    Folks, listen up, water will never be clean again like in the past. Let this be a wake-up call to find out what is in your water and what you are drinking. This Message could possibly save a life or lives if taken seriously.
    I hope you are drinking pure clean water. Water filtration is the answer to this problem. Every household should have clean water to drink.
    I have a passion for pure clean healthy water! Should You?

  2. Harriette says:

    Frances, the only sure way to know if the water you are drinking is clean is to clean it yourself with pre filters before the water goes into the ionizer chamber.

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