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My camera December 2011 145Greetings, my name is Harriette Blye and I am an online and offline marketer & entrepreneur with a special interest in personal development.  I firmly believe in the total success of a person: love, health and prosperity.  If any element is missing total success does not exist.

On this site you will find a variety of content.  You will find information about online marketing, entrepreneurship, health and personal development.    You will find many articles to move you along the path to living  the life of your dreams.

I am very passionate about what I do and what I believe.  I have learned many lessons on my way and it is my deepest desire to share those lessons with YOU.

This blog was designed to create awareness for you that your dreams can become a fulfilled reality and show you the path to manifest those dreams so they can shared and sustained.

So First, A Little Bit About Me.…


I will attempt seriously not to bore you.

I grew up on the Gulf Of Mexico in Florida. I went to St. Petersburg College there and majored in Health Science.  I am a Registered Respiratory Therapist.   I married at a young tender age of 19 and have (3) daughters; one is deceased and (3) grandchildren.

I have lived in many parts of the country and traveled far and wide.  I presently reside in the Seattle, Washington area.  I love it.   I can’t begin to tell you all the jobs I have had or should I say all of the experiences.

I do know this fact about me:  I am a born entrepreneur.  I have always wanted my own business.   Not knowing how to go about doing it I had several starts and stops.  It was not until I came out of Alcoholic Rehabilitation 30 years ago (yes, I am 30 years sober and going on 30) that I made serious growth in my personal development.  A few short years later Ronnie and I purchased a car dealership.  I did get my dream and a whole lot of lessons.

In 2008 we lost our daughter, Roni at the age of 36.  I did not have any experiences to prepare me for this pain.  One day I will write more about it.

Back To Soul Searching And Personal Development…..

Once again I started to read books and listen to my MP3 player and CD’s on personal development.  I believe a person’s life growth is in proportion to their personal growth and development.   This has proven true for me many times.  I wanted to help others overcome some of the obstacles in their life through this tried and true method, but first I had to get back on track.

Why I choose The Company I am Involved With…..

I am very passionate about my health and maintaining good health. Being in the health care business I understand first hand how being sick can effect a person in so many negative ways and their family as well. Naturally, I would lean toward a product that promote excellent health. (Not a vitamin or mineral). First, I wanted to maintain my health and the health of my family and help others feel good, regain their health and lead a productive and prosperous life. I now have the opportunity to help others, keep my health and my lifestyle.    Perfect  scenario.

Since I became involved with my company and I have not looked back.

My Purpose For Being On This Planet…..

I believe each of us have a specific purpose for being on this planet. Some fortunate people find their purpose and others do not. I know what it takes to be successful.  Totally successful.  I have a great desire to help others see this in themselves.  There are only (2) true emotions.  Fear and Love.   There are so many people living their lives shrouded in fear and not knowing there is another way.

I am writing books as well to help you with specific issues and challenges that come up for you.  As an author my purpose is to share with you easy techniques to improve the quality of your life without YOU going through the aches and pains of finding solutions yourself.  Check it out here.

Remember, you are a perfect being just as you are and you deserve to lead a happy and fulfilled life.  The shift can be done in a blink.   How afraid are you to make personal changes and grow or have you decided to settle? We are all creating our own realities by our thoughts and feelings whether we want to or not.   How do you plan to live your life from this day forward?

Be the total successful person. Yes, make the big financial leap but keep your relationships, your inner being of who you are and your creativity intact.


Let’s Create Together…

This is my promise to you.  When you subscribe to this blog and tune into my messages you will learn much about how to create success in your life.   You will grow as an entrepreneur if this is your desire and as a human being.   I look forward to sharing and giving freely my knowledge to you.  Let’s co-create something beautiful on this planet.

Life is a journey with many trips to many places. Some of these trips take unexpected turns and I always ask, what lesson is in this for me?

There are so many sides to a person and it takes time and energy to get to know them. I trust my feelings about a person. I usually am right and you are too. Yes, even on the Internet you can pick up a vibe or feeling about another person.

Feel free to leave  a comment and let me get to know you as well!

Honor yourself!

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Some pictures of me and my adventures.


Me and my grandchildren at the circus. Fun!



Ronnie and I in Barbados.  Atlantic Ocean on left, Carribean on right.

Me, Harriette at the Taj Mahal in Agra, India
New friends from event at Paris Hotel in Las Vegas.
Me at Abu Simbel in Egypt
Egypt with daughter and sister. Pyramid in background.
Me, sister and daughter Fisherman’s Wharf in Seattle





17 Replies to “Who Is Harriette”

  1. Hello Harriette,
    It was so great meeting you at the Vegas Event last November. Your blog is so nice, and the information you provide is wonderful. You have a very moving and powerful About Me page, and I am thankful for a continuing friendship. Thank you for your call! You are appreciated!
    Take care,
    Doris Hullett

  2. Doris, I am the one who is grateful for your friendship.
    You have a lot of experiences and I have learned a lot from you.
    Many thanks always.

  3. Hello Harriette,
    I have just finished reading “Who is Harriette.” I had skimmed read this several months ago but I never left a message as I wanted to re-read your bio before I responded. The thoughts you have included in your information about yourself resonates very strongly with me. When we met as accountability partners April 26, 2010, I liked you but I never realized what a strong, courageous person you really were. It has been a wonderful journey for me to get to know the caring, helpful, smart, hard-working woman known as Harriette Blye. I hope that someday we can meet in person. Many times I have driven to Dallas never knowing about the incredible person living nearby — now I do.

  4. Oh Thank you, thank you Jeani, You are so kind and gracious. I really appreciate you so much.

  5. Oh Jeani, Thank you so much. As I have told you many time meeting you has truly been a blessing.
    Thank you Todd.

  6. what a wonderful blog so inspirational I really enjoyed the pix and the healthful info I am batteling some heath issues as we speak and trying to stay positive.One thing I have learned in this life there are no promises. A positive attitude is half the battle I will look forwad to more to come.
    Love ya!

  7. I love your site. I’ve known you for years, but you capsulized yourself so perfectly. It is refreshing to know that all your life experiences good and bad have contributed to your becoming the wonderful person you are today. May life continue to bring you wonderful life lessons, and thank you for sharing them.

  8. Great site, Harriette! I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know you and working with you over this past 3 months on our entrepreneurial journey together and very much appreciate your guidance, but more importantly, your friendship! Reading this site really gives us a great idea of who you really are and what you stand for. Kudos to you for overcoming all of life’s challenges in becoming the amazing person you are today. Thank you for being so genuine. I look forward to many good times together going forward!

  9. Hi, I too am an Enagic distributor. I was looking for someone in the North Dallas area to share water with a couple of friends that had moved from Memphis there. I got caught up in your profile and notice we have some similar experiences including our age.

    I need help with personal development. At this age I can now admit there is plenty of room for improvement.


  10. Thank you Marva. I sent you an email and I look forward to hearing to hearing from your friends.

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