Low Vitamin D Level And Your Risk For Getting Cancer

I am not a medical doctor but, I am in the health care field and I am very observant of what is going on around me.


I noticed that doctors are ordering vitamin D levels on their cancer patients and this piqued my interest. I wanted to know why?


When two friends developed cancer and both had extremely low vitamin D levels. I wanted more information about the correlation between vitamin D and cancer. I understand that vitamin D is important to take with calcium for bone health but I was concerned about the connection with cancer.


This article is not a scientific paper to persuade you to add vitamin D to your diet. I am writing it with the hope that you will give it some thought and do some research of your own. After you have done this you can make an informed decision about adding vitamin D to your health regimes.


How do we get adequate supply of vitamin D? We get it from the sun, diet and from supplements. Being exposed to the sun for 30 minutes a day seems to be sufficient.

The lighter the skin the more vitamin D is absorbed. For darker skin the sun exposure need could be double that of light skin individuals.

How much to take and what should my levels be for protection against disease? Research is all over the place with this one. This is where it gets tricky. The National Institute of Health a government agency, has a Dietary Supplement fact sheet for Vitamin D, click the link to go there.


At this site you will find the recommended concentrations of serum vitamin D for your health and what adequate intakes should be.


I will add this. My physician wants my serum levels to be 2-3 times the recommended levels and my daily intake to be 3-4 times the recommended levels by the government agency.

Taking vitamin D has many health benefits to numerous to cover in this article. It is often a neglected vitamin. You could have very serious health consequences if your levels are low.

Do some research, ask your physician to check your vitamin D level. At this time you and your doctor can determine the best action to take for your health.


My blog is about a person’s total success. If you are not healthy and don’t feel good how successful can you be?

Honor yourself!

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5 Replies to “Low Vitamin D Level And Your Risk For Getting Cancer”

  1. I like your new website and the article, also. The photo does you justice as well.

    All the best,

  2. Hi Harriete,

    This is very appropriately timed article for me. My doctor placed me on vitamin D a couple months ago. I need to pay attention to this. Thanks!

  3. Carolyn, I do find it so interesting that doctors are finally getting around to admitting that we do need additional nutrients other than what we get in food. Is it the sun screen that keep some of us depleted of vitamin D? I wonder? Keep the vitamin D going and it will keep you going. Keep the wonderment going as well. Thank you for your comment.

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