Is Fear of Failure Holding you Back?


This fear of failure and the fear of making a mistake are the biggest obstacles to success for adults. Fear had me in its grips for a while but, no longer.

Realize now that mistakes are the stepping stones to your growth and if you allow your mistakes to teach you there are many lessons to be learned. Mistakes are an absolute requirement for your advancement. No one escapes mistakes if they intend to grow at any level.

When you approach a task or decision there are a few choices you have:

1. You can say “I can’t, I can’t.”

2. You can wonder, ‘what is the worse that can happen if I do this’.

3. You can visualize your success with feeling, dive in and enjoy the ride with all the lessons you will learn along the way.

When you say “I can’t” “I can’t” you feel the fear in your solar plexus, your heart beats rapidly and you have an irresistible need to run to the bathroom. You know what I mean.

When you ponder the worse that can happen if I take this leap and you can deal with the worse you feel ok.

When you visualize the success you will have that is a direct result of your decision you feel fabulous and this feeling speaks volumes to the universe.


Bottom line is: do not allow the fear of failure to have you in its grips and control your life.  Do the thing you fear and live a fearless and joyful life.

Honor yourself.

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