Granddaughters visit- Sanna my Sue



My grandchildren had not been to my new home since I moved to a different part of the country.

After all of the delightful hugs and greetings my granddaughter Sanna my Sue, (my love name for her) walked around the house touching objects and stating where she had seen them last.  Sanna my Sue is eight years old.

She touched a set of coasters and stated that they were on a round table in the family room and later moved to the bookcase.  She rubbed a vase and said it was on the fireplace.  Actually it was on the mantle.  She remembered certain pictures on the wall and their location in my previous home.  I have a picture on the wall in the kitchen of my new home that was in the kitchen in my previous home.  She caught that.  She pointed to and touched many objects and talked about their familiarity to her.

I found this so enjoyable and contemplated why I felt this way and what did it mean.  I surmised that we all like to be connected one way or another to other people and to our things. We like new but we want the ease of being with our old stuff as well.   I had no idea  my granddaughter connected the objects in my home with me.

My stuff makes me feel comfortable and my things made Sanna my Sue feel she was at Granna’s house and all is well.

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