Fun With Your Mind Games

Yesterday I was running a series of errands.  I am in Dallas, Texas area  and the temperature was well over 100 degrees.  My goal was to finish and get home as soon as possible.


Twice I passed a roadside sign that read “Estate Sale”.  At the last moment I decided to stop and check it out.


I cruised around  the home and spotted several items similar to what I own and this reminded me to stop buying anything unless I absolutely love and adore it.  Otherwise my family will have strangers going through my stuff one day.


Back to the point.  I spotted an item I wanted to buy.  I said out loud, I wonder if they would take a certain amount of money off this item.  A lady in the room says to me, tomorrow we will have half price on everything at noon,  today everything is full price.  I had the money to purchase the item, infact I could have purchased the item new if I chose to do so. 


The moment she said come back tomorrow I visualized myself coming around the corner and seeing the item waiting for me to buy.  I smiled and walked out of the room.


The next day this is what happened. I thought about going back at noon but got busy.  I looked at the clock at 12:02 and decided to go and buy the item I wanted.  I walked into the house smiling and knowing my item was there.    I went into the room and around the corner was the item I wanted standing proud and waiting  for me. Hundreds of people passed that item and no one picked it up.  It was mine when I smiled and walked out of that room the day before.  


I loved doing that. I said my gratitudes many times.  It was such a small thing but it made me so happy.  This works for big and huge things as well.   Why not? Try it and become a believer.–


Honor Yourself!

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