Different is wonderful

Different is wonderful

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I was out walking a couple of days ago and I passed a row of trees that really caught my attention.  I had noticed these trees before and I am not sure why I found them so appealing this day.  I do know that trees change with the seasons and perhaps being spring with new life beginning and with the small intricate leaves is what caught me.

Today, I stopped, touched, rubbed and appreciated the differences in the two trees that were side by side.

One of the trees had a smooth long striated bark.  The color was tan, gray and cream.  The other tree I am sure was some type of oak.  The bark on that tree was deep grey and brown color with irregular groves and very rough to tough.  It is beautiful as well.  I enjoyed rubbing and touching those trees.

I was overwhelmed with feelings as I explored the trees.  I felt grounded and sure.  Those trees reminded me as well of how different we as people are.  None of us are the same.  What a miracle we are.

We are distinct on so many levels that I cannot cover them all in this article.  Some of our differences include language, height, weight, hair texture, hair color, skin color, intellect, and temperament.  Yet, we are humans.   Different, but the same.

A better example is thinking about the gene pool.  If our siblings have the same mother and father sometimes we do not resemble in our features but we could have similar voice or mannerisms as our parents.  My grandchildren’s cat had a few kittens a while back, they were all distinctly different.  I observed them in wonderment. I thought,  this is interesting.   Their DNA gene pool is completely mixed up.

Being different is  wonderful because you can be authentic, original and yourself knowing there is no one on this planet exactly like you.  When you see someone you want to emulate and copy, do not do it.   If you know them well and they have a personality trait you would like to imitate like, being a kind person or being a happy person, strive to be that way but remain true to your uniqueness. Take a good look inside for your core values and present them forward in a big way. Showcase who you are.  Always treasure and respect yourself no matter what.

Those who love and care about you want you to be authentic and truly totally who you are. Learn that being different is a blessing and a wonderful thing.

Those trees live and co-exist being what they are and doing what they do oblivious of attempting to be or do anything other than that.  That being so, why are we so easily led to believe that who we are is wrong?

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Look around the room you are in now, how many similar things do you see.  For me, I see books on my bookshelf.  Some beautifully bound, some thick, some thin, paperback, tall ones, and colorful books.  I have rugs on my floor.  Different colors sizes and shapes, I have blinds hanging at my windows the same but different sizes, I have light fixtures, lamps, chandeliers, ceiling lights, ceiling fans with lights, brass, glass, candle holders.  All different, yet all the same.  It would be awful for us if we could only buy one type lamp.  Imagine that.  Personally, I am partial to floor lamps.

I have been married for many years.  Why did we choose each other?  It would not have been a choice if all men were the same and all women were the same.  I wonder how that gene pool and DNA would work out.  This could get complicated.  Do you get my point?    Embrace yourself, enlighten who you are and strive to be the best you can be.  I am thankful for those trees and the insight they bought to my reality.

Honor yourself!

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