Create Your True Legacy

The Time Is Now To Create Your True Legacy


Legacy, really?  I do not have tens of thousands of dollars to leave (when I pass) to my loved ones, family and friends.  Well…you can leave something behind as important and can in some instances, be more important to some of your loved ones.

What can that be?  It is the essence of who you truly were.  It is what people you leave behind think about when they remember you.  It is the feelings they express when they talk about you. This is serious stuff!

Will you be remembered as selfish, a gossiper, stingy, unkind, miserable, arrogant, intolerant, vulgar, and lacking character to name few negative adjectives to describe people. Give some thought now while you are alive about how your daily actions affect other people.  I promise your every action leaves an impression on the other person.

You can make a decision to be affectionate, compassionate, considerate, loving, kind, generous, happy, courteous, empathetic, reliable, and sympathetic to mention a scant few good qualities a person can process.


This is something you cannot fake.  All of us possess some superior qualities and some not so good ones as well.  None of us are perfect.  This being said, why now ? Is the time to focus on your good points and strive to improve them whenever you can.  Think less about your faults and do your utmost to minimize them when you catch them interfering with your daily life.

If someone you know has passed recently, think about the feelings you generate when thinking about them.   If your feelings are warm and comforting, they will support you in the future as you go through the grieving process.  Yes, you will grieve if they were kind and loving people.   Those thoughts can encourage you to emulate that person.  What a legacy to leave behind if someone admires you so much and want to have some of your good qualities.


What are your views on some good or bad qualities someone you know left behind as an  for you?  Please join the discussion.


Honor yourself!





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2 Replies to “Create Your True Legacy”

  1. Dear Harriette,
    I so enjoyed your article and I agree wholeheartedly with all that you said. When I think of people in my life that treasured me with a wonderful legacy, I think of my paternal grandmother who was truly a lady in every sense of the word. She was loving, kind, compassionate and sacrificing. She never demanded attention but was so attentive! She worked so hard as a farmer’s wife but never complained. She lost three of her six children and even though I know she mourned, she never dwelt on self pity. When I think of her, I hope she knows that her light shines brightly through those that knew her, loved her and hope to be like her. Thank you for your thoughtful discourse.

  2. Oh Terry, I so enjoyed reading about your beloved grandmother. Your loving feelings about your grandmother is exactly why I wrote this article. Thank you so very much for your caring and thoughtful comment

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