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Which Bug Are You, A Mosquito Or A Butterfly?

Does feeling like a bugger keep you from making contact with prospects?   If you are in the business of marketing or selling anything to anyone you had better hastily get over the feeling of being a bug or bugging your prospects.   One can get this feeling on an initial contact or a follow […]

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One Of My Favorite Stories

One day an old Cherokee told his grandson about a battle that goes on inside people. He said “My son the battle is between two wolves that dwell in each of us.” One is EVIL. It is anger, envy jealously, sorrow, regret, self pity, greed, resentment, arrogance, inferiority, false pride, superiority and ego. The other […]

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Market Your Business Online and Off-line

I marketed my direct sales business exclusively online for a year. I was determined to learn internet marketing. I involved myself with a company that has an education platform that teaches online marketing to anyone on the planet, any product or service 24/7.   I was teachable and eager to learn the New School way […]

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Our First Dallas Meeting

Our Dallas Meeting Our first Dallas meeting was a big success. We decided to have the meeting at a local eatery in Plano, TX. Zea Woodfire Grill The meeting was sponsored by (4) local business owners. Sim & Natalie Green, Landa Miller and Harriette Blye. Our very own Karl Bessey surprised us with an online […]

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Why Did You Join Your Deal?

Picture this scenario… Your leader in your deal is a friend, you have a great relationship and you work closely together building your business. Your business is growing, you are having fun and all is well…or is it?   Your friend/leader announced regretfully at the end of a recent phone conversation that they are leaving […]

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Timing Is Everything!

Timing is one of the keys to success.  A few short years ago if you wanted to be an investor in real estate you would not buy houses to hold.  The values were going up and up and you knew as an investor this was not sustainable.  You would buy and flip. Today if you […]

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Whatever It Takes!

Whatever It Takes I am committed to doing “Whatever It Takes” The die has been cast. I’ve stepped over the line.  I am out of the comfort zone. The decision has been made. I won’t look back, let up, slow down or back away. I am finished and done with low living, sight walking, small […]

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How To Fill Your Leads Funnel Fast

Read this only if you want to fill your leads funnel fast, easy and cheap. A few months ago I got involved in this method of advertising only to give it up without much effort.  Recently I got involved again.  The results are really surprising. These leads are specific to your industry and are likely […]

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What To Do To Achieve The Goals I Have Set

I have set my goals so, how do I get what I want. I don’t know how to achieve my goals you say. Let me explain.

Many people are guilty of setting goals and nothing happens. To prove this point think about the New Year’s resolutions many people make and not keep or should I say not know how to keep.

In lesson two I set a goal to take an imaginary trip to Italy. Let us continue with this goal. Freely use one of your goals in its place as well. If you have not read part one and two of “Goal Setting” please red them first.

We wrote your goal to take a trip to Italy. All plans are made. The trip was a year out when planned. Let us assume it still is. The goal to take this trip to Italy is one you want to really achieve.

To anchor your trip in your mind you must get emotionally attached to it. To do this you can go online or to your favorite local bookstore or library and get books on Italy. You look at the details of your trip and you see that you are going to Rome, Venice and Florence.

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