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Personal development is a broad category.  It can cover so many sub-categories as well and I intend to use them wisely.

Create Your True Legacy

The Time Is Now To Create Your True Legacy   Legacy, really?  I do not have tens of thousands of dollars to leave (when I pass) to my loved ones, family and friends.  Well…you can leave something behind as important and can in some instances, be more important to some of your loved ones. What […]

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There Is Sunshine On The Other Side

  Yes, there is sunshine on the other side of pain-sadness.  When you are in the middle of it, the pain feels hopeless and non-ending. I was traveling with my husband and daughter through Wyoming a few short years ago.  My daughter and I were driving in two hour stints.  I was relaxed on the […]

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 Life Ebbs With High And Lows

Yes, life does ebb with highs and lows, the challenge is how do we cope with the myriad of changes thrust upon us? I wrote the first article on my personal blog in December 2007.  My life, like your lives, has taken many turns in that time.  Some of the changes have been good […]

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The Power Of A Few Kind Words

Kind Words There are many people on this planet we inhabit who are soft, gentle and kind. Kind most of all. We all have had days when a person spoke a few words to us and lifted us up and we felt better. It could have been you who spoke words to another person who […]

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Consistency Wins Every Time

We have all heard many times the old adages that goes like this:  Steady wins the race, be consistent, do a little each day, do not start and stop or keep moving.    I am enclosing Aesop’s famous tale about the tortoise and the hare for your enjoyment and understanding.  Just to get my point across. […]

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