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Personal development is a broad category.  It can cover so many sub-categories as well and I intend to use them wisely.

 Life Ebbs With High And Lows

Yes, life does ebb with highs and lows, the challenge is how do we cope with the myriad of changes thrust upon us? I wrote the first article on my personal blog in December 2007.  My life, like your lives, has taken many turns in that time.  Some of the changes have been good […]

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The Power Of A Few Kind Words

Kind Words There are many people on this planet we inhabit who are soft, gentle and kind. Kind most of all. We all have had days when a person spoke a few words to us and lifted us up and we felt better. It could have been you who spoke words to another person who […]

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Consistency Wins Every Time

We have all heard many times the old adages that goes like this:  Steady wins the race, be consistent, do a little each day, do not start and stop or keep moving.    I am enclosing Aesop’s famous tale about the tortoise and the hare for your enjoyment and understanding.  Just to get my point across. […]

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Meet New People…Be Bold

Meet New people Be Bold Being new in the Seattle area and now wanting to grow my business and get some exposure I was on the hunt for any situation to gain publicity for my business.  I found a local networking group and though I had not been in the game for some time, I put my […]

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