8 Ways To Drop the Victim Mentality And Succeed.

8 Ways To Drop the Victim Mentality And Succeed.

blamegameIt is not my fault!

At some point in our lives we all play the blame game, until we learn better. Maybe we do not know any other way.  We think it works for us but it doesn’t.

It is easier to blame others for our failures and escape responsibility for our life.  It is painful to admit mistakes especially costly ones.  Let’s pass the blame on to someone else.

Now, do you feel better?


Unsuccessful people always blame someone else for their situation.  In any exchange the words “it is not my fault” always enter into the conversation.  When people continue to have failures they continue to play the blame game.

Without taking responsibility for your life and its direction, you are giving your power away to the person  you are blaming.  Does this person care about your life?  Is this person going to fix your life?   Is this person thinking about you and your situation?

I have made many bad decisions and suffered the consequences as well.  I accept 100% responsibility for those lousy choices.  I learned many lessons about myself and my family as a result of them.  I will not repeat them.

Big Tip:

  • This is one of the most important things I have learned about lessons.  If we fail to learn from them, we have a nasty habit of repeating the mistake.  The consequences are more devastating each time we do not learn our lessons and more on.

Take complete responsibility for your life and your choices. When choices you make do not happen as desired you are in control and can determine how to react to the incident.  You can make a decision to learn from the situation, grow, expand, interact with love ones and hold your faith close to you.

If something bad is happening to you in your life accept that it is happening because of a decision you made and it was an error in your thinking. Know that you thought this way because of the information you had at the time. This difficult situation came to you to teach you a lesson. Learn from it and move forward. Take full responsibility.

This is how to do it:

  1. Repeat this phrase continually “I am responsible for my life.”

  2. Decide now to develop a plan to work on eliminating your insecurities. There are many books and CD’s to assist you with this.

  3. When you find yourself blaming anyone or anything ever again remind yourself that you only make decisions for your life and you only can correct them.  Keep your power.

  4. Stop listening to others make excuses for their life situations.

  5. Watch what you say to others in conversations as you evolve.  You are responsibility no matter what.

  6. When you blame other are you afraid to look at yourself?  Are you really afraid of what you might see?  Look long and steady and make the necessary changes to fuel your new life of responsibility.

  7. Taking responsibility will completely eliminate you desire to hold grudges against others.  How freeing is that?

  8. Don’t blame anyone else for anything. No more why me?

Accept unconditionally that you create your life, you create it, and you are 100% responsible for it.  YOU can change it.  Drop the victim mentality or stay stuck in fear.

There are so many positive results in store for you when you make the decision to take charge of your life.  Make a plan and start now from this point in time.

Honor yourself!

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