6 Tips To Create A Great Domain Name

When you want an online presence you need a website.  You must purchase a website name from a registrar, this is your domain name.  It is a unique address for a page or group of pages on the internet.

Your home has an address, if you own a brick and mortar business it has an address and so does your online business or online presence.

Your domain name consist of access protocol “http” and the name you have chosen as your online address.

So many names are no longer available and buying a new one can be a tedious process.  It can be done and quite successfully as well.  It will take a bit of time and effort to get an effective name that will stand out and can easily be remembered.

Take an in-depth look at your product line and this is where you will start.  If you have a product that stop headache pain don’t choose a broad name such as “pain relief,” even though pain relief is what you are offering.

There are many types of pain, be specific. Choose a name that has relevance to your product.  Think about what people would type into search engines to find you?

Consider the length of your domain name.  How long is to long?  The key here is to choose a name that is catchy and memorable and can be used through out all of your advertising.

Most businesses use “.com” which stand for “commercial.”  If you want to use a “.com” address that is in use by another person, you can contact them and ask to purchase the name or use “.net” instead if available.  It stands for “network”.  If you decide to use “.net”  know that some people will type in “.com” as a habit.   Is this good for your business?

This a workable process when choosing a domain name:  Lets assume I want to sell a natural product that cures headaches.


1       Write down 20-30 slogans for your business. They come easy at first then get more difficult around the 20th.  Keep going.  The last ones are the best and probably not used yet.  Some examples are:  Headache relief fast and easy, natural headache relief, proven natural headache relief, drug free headache relief and simple headache relief.  You get the point.


2        The next step is to check the name availability. As you begin to type in your names most will not be available.  You will receive suggestions from the registrar that you can play off as well.


3        Out of 20 names you will find 2-4 that could be available. You could ask questions with your domain names? “ How to get fast headache relief? “ Or if you prefer,” fast headache relief.”  Which one would a searcher type into the search engines?

4        After you know what names are available you can decide on one or continue to brainstorm.  You can also ask for help from friends and family in brainstorming for your address.

5        Decide to use or not use numbers and alphabets, “4” could mean “for” or “u” to mean “you”.  How do you want your online presence to be perceived?  Some experts say using numbers result in your website ranking higher in the search engines.

6        Some say using dashes in long domain names are easier to recognize. Example is: how-to-get-fast-headache-pain-relief, instead of, howtogetfastheadachepainrelief.  You can use this with the former.  HowToGetFastHeadacePainRelief.

Some expert’s say because of the dashes those web sites appear higher in search engines as well.  They are more difficult to type into the browsers or address bar.  If the address is available you could purchase both and point them to your website.

Brainstorming works and it is fun, fast and effective way to get a good domain name.

Three more tips:

1        If you have not gotten your name in the form of an address do so now.  If you have a common name such as “Robert Jones,” try this: “Robert Jones the teacher” maybe “Robert Jones From Florida” or what ever your past or present occupation is.  Names are moving out fast so hurry and get yours.

2        If you have plans to start a business in the future reserve your address now.

3.      You do not need to use “.com” at the end of your domain name.  When you purchase your domain name several options   will pop up.  (.net, .biz and .org)  .com is still most recognized.

You have the necessary information to obtain a great online address for you venture.  Use these simple techniques to move forward.

Honor yourself!

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  1. Harriette, bonjour…

    The other consideration in personal branding is that the “Great Domaine Name” does not need to be a .com – as one is branding the person, it can be a .anything… especially when using social media syndication 😉
    .-= [Harriette]´s last [Blye’s] ..France Looking to Sell Flu Jab =-.

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